Honda launched a new NSX sports car perspective view exposure

The speed of Honda's high-end car series represents the NSX series. Although it is rarely seen in United State, it has appeared in many high-profile movies and animation works. After the latest NSX model was displayedas Honda's concept car , there was no news. Just recently, a group of pictures from overseas revealed the exact model information, as well as the good news that will be launched at the end of next year.

This set of renderings and perspective views shows us the power and structural related information, and the appearance at the time of the final launch has been finally confirmed. Unlike the concept car, the corners of the real car are better defined, the lines at the front and the rear are retained, the light parts are slightly changed, and the tail pipe part is the same as the concept car.

The perspective of the interior coincides with the precious real shots obtained before, and the single-row design of the sports seat spreads the concept of speed to the entire cab. The extremely wrapped seats will be wrapped in beautiful red leather. I believe the interior of the real car will be very dynamic.

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In terms of power, the NSX will use a V10 engine, and the 5.5L naturally-aspirated big guy with 6-speed semi-automatic transmission power is enough to be the same class sports car. And it will adopt the design of full-time four-wheel drive, combined with multiple electronic systems, so that the real vehicle power output can be directed to 420 kilowatts, the maximum speed is 300km/h, and the speed increase from 0 to 100 is less than 4 seconds.

This kind of performance will inject new vitality into the car market of the same class . A series of sports cars such as Ferrari 430, GTR and so on will face more brutal competition. The new car, which will be launched at the end of next year, is expected to cost around 100,000 pounds (about 1.465 million yuan). After the trial car created a new lap in Nuremberg, European sports cars at the same price were even more dwarfed.

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